When is the scan taken during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a penance if childbirth is a boon. The first three months is the most important season in pregnancy. It is important to be careful during this first trimestar to grow up the baby in the fetus. Medical tests are essential to eating iron and folic acid tablets, eating healthy foods that contain vitamins, avoiding travels, and retirement. Clinical trials help you understand how healthy the fetus is and what the health of the mother is.

Healthy pregnant women can usually take up to 11-14 weeks of pregnancy. But if the pregnant people have a stomach or a small amount of cysts, they should immediately scan. 5, Dating scan takes 6 weeks

It is good to have an ultrasound scan when the pregnancy is already present, if the pregnancy or abortion is already present before the baby is pregnant in the womb. If the menstrual cycle is not repeated in the month before the pregnancy comes in once every three to three months, it is better to take a scan when they get pregnant.

This can indicate the delivery date properly. Some have to take the vaginal scan, not the stomach. The nucleus does not cause any damage. Some people may get two or three scans in the first month as they are physically and physically.

Sometimes when you can not correctly predict the baby’s heartbeat, you will have to scan again after two weeks. If you continue to have small amputations, you will have to scan frequently to monitor your child’s health. This will not cause any harm.

Take a look at the full scene of the scan, taken from 11 to 14 weeks. You can see the head, face, leg, backbone, heart and stomach of the fetus in pregnancy. In the last section, these organs will form in the first trimester.

Since it will begin to grow in the next months, the baby will be able to detect any disability in the first triple scan. In the first trimester, the thickness of the skin on the back of the neck. (Nucheal thickness).

This test is performed because the skin’s thickness is likely to have some disadvantages to the baby. Furthermore, this test can identify whether there are any genetic disorders like Down Syndrome.

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