Traffic Police Chief Change To The Armed Forces


Arumugam (age 45) is an auto driver from Salem Korimedu area. He has been driving a car everyday from Gorimet to 5.

On the 19th of last day, police took part in a 5-track vehicle. The police then stopped the auto in the area and stopped by the police. He is said to be drunk. And Auto had enough documents. The police then registered cases in three categories, including the seizure of the auto and driving.

Following this, he requested the details of the Northern Transport Division Chief of Police Maghrakaran. It must pay a fine amount to the court. He also promised to pay Rs. 300 bribe. Arumugam recorded the conversation on his cell phone. It is TV Has been sent to the media.

This video was posted on news channels yesterday. District Transport Officers of Salem have conducted inquiry into the incident.

In the first hearing, the auto driver asked for a bribe and decided to transfer the chief of police to the Armed Forces.

On the recommendation of the deputy commissioner of police Rama Krishnan, police commissioner Sanjay Kumar has ordered the Chief Inspector of Police to transfer the Chief Minister to the martial arts force. He was later transferred to the Armed Forces.