Theft of golden bangles in Tenkasi jewelery – women caught in CCTV

Tirunelveli: The police are searching for women who have come up with gold bangles as they are buying jewelry. The police are looking for women with a scene from CCTV cameras. Nellai district is famous for setting up famous jewelery branches in Kadayanallur and Thenkasi.

There is also a jewelery in the temple of Tenkasi Amman. Many people have come to jewelry with the family on the 18th of this jewelery. Two women were then taken to jewelery as a tipper.

Jewelry theft

The lady’s servant has brought out a lot of bangles. After that the girls asked different models and told them they did not like the models and they left the shop.

2 sets golden bangle

Later, shopkeepers counted gold jewelry at night and found 2 sets of gold bangles worth Rs 1 lakh.

CCTV stuck in camera

Following this, the store saw a surveillance camera showing two women stole a necklace and handcuffed the watch camera.

Complain to police

The complaint was immediately filed at Tenkasi police station. Following the complaint, Tenkasi police are searching for two women who have stolen bangles.

Theft of golden bangles in Tenkasi jewelery – women caught in CCTV தென்காசி நகைக்கடையில் தங்க வளையல்கள் திருட்டு – சிசிடிவியில் பெண்கள் சிக்கினர்