The mystical Myanmar military aircraft were discovered in the Andaman Sea


It is reported that the disappeared military aircraft in Myanmar were discovered in the Andaman Sea.

More than 100 people, including soldiers, their family and staff, traveled on the plane.

The plane suddenly disappeared from the radar signal. Officials were shocked because the pilots could not contact the pilot. The task of searching the flight was stepped up. Navy ships and aircraft were involved in the search of flight.

The flight’s communication was suddenly disconnected at around 1.35 pm, 20 miles west of Dave City,

In the meanwhile, the missing parts of the missing plane were discovered in the Andaman Sea.

Mac Tourism Officer Ning Lynn Jaw said that the plane was found in the sea at a distance of 136 miles from the city of Dave. Navy personnel have been continuously involved in the search operation, he said. Air Force circles have confirmed this.

The flight was first reported by 116 people on board. Officials said the passengers and their families were traveling with 106 passengers and 14 crew members.

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