The bride was brutally beaten in 30 minutes after love marriage.

The police have filed a suit against five persons including the relatives of the bride.

Manivannan belonged to Karanam Melakuruvarkara Street near Tanjore. His son Rajesh (aged 22).

BBA He is studying as a minibus driver. Veerarasu daughter Abhinaya (22) from Vadakur area near Orathadana has been in love for the past two years. Parents protested against their love because they were from different communities.

Yesterday morning Abhinaya went out and went to Papanasam. Rajaseva came from the cave to Papanasam. Then they both decided to marry and went to the shrine of the Purkanasam Taluk office in the temple to the Durga Amman Temple. There Rajes and Abhinaya were married. This information was visible to the family of Abhinaya. As they were angry, they came to Papanasam from a car on a motorbike with about 10 people.

After marriage, Rajase and Abhinaya came out of the temple. The relatives of Abhinaya, who reached Papanasam, were angry at Abi Naya in the bride and attacked Abhinaya and Rajes with a sculptor and stones.

Rajase’s silk-ware – tear off the shirt. They also attacked Raju’s brother Dines’ head on the head. Many people gathered in the area by the incident which took place at the Pattanam day near Papanasam Taluk office, where people are busy.

The sudden couple who escaped from the clutches of this attack suddenly ran into the police station near Papanasam. When the girl and clothes were torn in the fence, a young woman suddenly entered the police station and shocked the police and asked the two of them.

At that time, the couple said they had married about 30 minutes ago and they were attacked by a scroll and stones. Papanamasam Deputy Superintendent of Police Superintendent Selvaraj informed this. Subsequently, the police came to the police station and investigated the duo’s romantic couple.

Rajesh then filed a complaint with the Sub-Superintendent of Police. Those who attacked her in the petition claimed that she had blamed her for the name of the caste.

In this case, the police are trying to find out who are being tried for 5 persons under the Prevention of Atrocities Prevention Act.

The brutality of the romantic couple on the street in the street hit the papanasam incident.

The bride was brutally beaten in 30 minutes after love marriage

திருமணமான 30 நிமிடத்தில் மணமக்களை கொடூரமாக தாக்கிய பெண்ணின் உறவினர்கள்..!