Terrorists fired 12 people killed in Iran’s parliament

Terrorists fired at Iran’s parliament. The attack on Khomeini’s memorial also occurred. 12 people were killed.


Iran is a country with a large majority of Shiites. ISSE from Sunny Iran’s government is taking action to suppress terrorist organizations.

Because of this, The terrorist organization is angry.

Parliament attack

Earlier this morning, in the capital of the capital Tehran, Four terrorists entered the 47-strong Armed Forces.

When they entered parliament, they shot blindly with fire. This resulted in great tension in parliament.

Following the gunfight, the security forces entered Parliament (Majlis). They gunfire with terrorists and brought the parliament under their control.

The attack on the Khomeini shrine

Meanwhile, about 25 km from the parliament The gunfire also occurred at the entrance of modern Iran’s founder Ayatollah Khomeini. Innocent people were shot dead.

At the time of the attack, a woman terrorist had exploded bombs on her body and one of them reported dead.

A terrorist is said to have been shot dead by security forces. The two of these attacks took place one after another, and the tension in Tequila was overwhelming.

12 killed

According to the first phase, there have been a total of 12 people in both attacks. Many of them are reported to have been injured and they are being rescued and hospitalized.

There are also unconfirmed reports that the terrorists have captured 4 people in parliament.

3rd attack attempt

In Dekran, parliament said the terrorists plotted a 3rd attack, except Khomeini memorial, but it was detained and thwarted by the counterterrorism police.

Hassan Rouhani (68) was sworn in last month’s 19th presidential election in Iran and was again elected president.

PCs. Terrorists are responsible

The ISS for the 2 attacks in Tehran The terrorists took charge. In a message to their news agency Amag, “the ISKCON in Khomeini Memorial and the Iran Parliament, Fighters attacked. ”

ISSE in Iran This is the first time that terrorists have been attacked.