Southwest Monsoon has hit Kerala and also Northwest Monsoon begun

Southwest monsoon in Kerala has begun in advance today. Monsoon has also begun in northeastern states today. So people are happy.

Southwest monsoon in Kerala state, described as God’s Land, usually commences on 1st June every year. After this the rain starts to be in Tamil Nadu too.

People are so overwhelmed by the drought that they have so far in Tamil Nadu. So everyone is looking forward to when the southwest monsoon begins.

Monsoon rains in Kerala are also in Southern Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu people were eagerly waiting for the monsoon due to the heat loss in Tamil Nadu.

The Indian Meteorological Center has already announced that the southwest monsoon this year will begin in advance. The signs indicated that it had begun in the Andaman Islands.

The Kochi Meteorological Center announced that the monsoon would begin on May 30. Accordingly, the state of Kerala has started southwest monsoon today.

Over the past week, the clouds were flooded in many parts of the state. The Indian Meteorological Center has said that monsoon rains have begun today.

It has been reported that heavy rains in Thiruvananthapuram, Palakkad and Kozhikode districts have been reported. The Indian Meteorological Center has said that it is likely to start monsoon this morning in northeastern states.

The Indian Meteorological Center (IMDB) said that it is expected to see rainfall from Friday in Delhi. The weather forecast said that the monsoon is likely to intensify during monsoon in Delhi and Haryana at the end of June.

The impact of the sun is less

The Indian Meteorological Survey said that in most other states, except for Tamil Nadu, good rain has been in the last 24 hours. However, the Indian Meteorological Survey says it will not hit the sun for the next 2 or 3 days.