New Born Baby Girl Walking Immediately After Being Born

Actually New Born Baby creeping begins and begins and try to walk about a year later. But there was a miracle that began with the help of a nurse in a few hours after the birth of a baby born in Delhi. When the nurse was wiping out a Girl Baby in Delhi, suddenly the baby was trying to walk. The nurse looked amazing.

A video posted on this website is spreading to the social media now. Just a few hours after the birth of a baby trying to walk its amazing. After the death of Jayalalithaa, the OPS team which is alone against Sasikala is said to be in trouble. Initially the OPS team had 12 MLA’s and 12 MP’s supporting it. But that number has not stopped so much. As a result, the OPS team support has stopped.

Some of the key leaders in the team are dissatisfied like Former minister Natham Vishwanathan, who is associated with the OPS, is particularly disappointed at the outset of the launch of the OPS.

OPS toured Tamil Nadu to get support for volunteers and peoples. More recently, he visited Delhi with some of his team leading leaders. Natham Viswanathan is dissatisfied with the OPS, saying OPS does not discuss with him such things. Prior to making various decisions, OPS does not discuss with Natham Viswanathan. Natham Viswanathan has been speaking in political circles for a long time to withdraw from OPS.

Airtel has announced that it will offer 1000 GB free data under the offer of Exclusive Web Offer to home broadband customers.

The five best selling plans of Airtel Broadband are starting at Rs. 899. Customers have already announced that 750 GB to 1000 GB bonus data will be provided according to the options already chosen. Airtel said that the waitlist is a year and can only be accessed online.