Nellai boy arrested by police for controversial whatsapp speech

The Nadar People’s Party Leader Ramkat Raja Watts has released a video that has created a stir. If I die in it, the reason is that he is a police officer in the video.

The next Lok Sabha election, the landlord and his wife Radhika Selvi Venkatesa DMK MP on behalf of the continental platform.

In this situation, the Nadar People’s Party leader Raket Raja is running a life cover. The king of rocket is going to be as big as the hood.

Yesterday, Rajkot Raja Watts released a video record. “The police are surrounded by me. The police are acting to kill me as there are no cases against me. They even told me to surrender me as a messenger. But the diplomat went on to say that I was surrendered if I surrendered. So that’s an attempt to shoot.

This is entirely done by Nellai SP Arun Sakthivel Kumar’s misunderstanding. This may be my last confession. I surrender if you handled me properly. The racket king confessed to the video saying, “Because of the danger posed to my life, the police are the reason for the nail.” The issue has stirred up in the districts of Nellai, Thoothukudi and Kumari districts.

Nellai boy arrested by police for controversial whatsapp speech நெல்லை எஸ் பி க்கு வாட்ஸ் அப்பில் சாவல் விட்ட சிறுவன் கைது நெல்லையில் பரபரப்பு