Man Kicks Muslim Woman in Karnataka Caught on Camera


The girl who works in a government office is stuck in his footsteps with her foot stroke in Karnataka.

The incident has been recorded in the CCTV cameras. ANI TV has issued a message with the video today.

It is noteworthy that the incident happened when the victim Nazrin Ramjan Nampu was present.

Nalini who was working at the municipal council of Chintan was permanently removed from the work of Kallal Eddie Saranappa.

The incident took place last Saturday at Chandigarh Municipal Council Office. Saranappa in this video has been arrested by the police.

“Following Nasrin’s complaint, his co-worker’s dismissal and police were handed over,” Nusrin said he did not want to tell what the officer did.

“We have learned about Saranappa as a contract worker in the council and the council is working on the incident and we have learned about Nasrin’s complaint against Saranappan,” the other staff said.

Last Saturday’s council holidays seem to be watching the video that no other worker has come to work.

Nasareen delayed to work because of Ramzan fasting. The police say that Saranappa Nasrin was kicked out of the clutches.

Man Kicks Muslim Woman in Karnataka Caught on Camera

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