Is this like jail Why killing and robbery is not so simple

Bostoy prisoners in Norway offer a luxurious life.

Once considered a brutal prison, a closed prison. Now the world has become a delightful prison.

This prison, considered to be the most horrific prison, is sentenced to death here by the victims of sexual assault. In the past 1915, men have rebelled against the atrocities of the prison. Besides, they tried to escape from there.

The army was sent to this island to bring the situation under control. Then in 1953 the prison was completely closed. In 1970, the government acquired the place.
The prison was renewed again in 1982 to be then 115 prisoners. This prison has a lot of uniqueity. There are various luxury facilities like T-V, kitchen and bedroom.

Here are the prisoners who have been housed, horse riding, fishing, tennis, running, swimming, etc. There are only five guards to protect this prison. Especially prisoners are not un-formatted. There is no restricted wall around this jail. They can go anywhere.

There are also those who are involved in repeated criminal acts here. In the last 33 years, the prisoner has been trying to escape the prisoner just once.

Prisoners Of This Prison Go On Horse Riding In The World’s First Ecological Prison.

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