Increasing women’s smoking habits and Harmful effects

In the past, men started to observe all the bad habits and now it turns to women. The male and the female are equal and they build up a bad habit for this. A study conducted by the American Medical Association for 22 years has shown that Indian women are more than men in smoking.

According to the study, 12.1 million women are currently smoking cigarettes in India. That information is more than American women. The average number of cigarettes smokers per day in India is 8 per cent. In the 1980s, the number of males smoked in India was 33.8 per cent. At present it is reduced by 23 percent.

smokers worldwide declined 967 million people smoking every day, in India its reduces now. 3 out of 10 males take cigarettes. One of the 20 women take cigarettes. Statistics also show that the number of people who died in smoking in India is 6.1 per cent and the health population is 5.1 per cent.

* Smoking women will lose loneliness.

* The fallopian tube will change the pipe moves. The motion of this tube will make the ovary down and make it pregnant. Smoking causes women to reduce the chance of pregnancy.

* Smoking women are likely to be pregnant with pregnancy.

* For women the month of the week will soon be over. Menopause will soon begin.

* The possibility of developing female oriental cancer is increased by smoking.

* If a woman smokes or cigarettes are near or breathe it (second hand smoke) will increase the chance of breast cancer.

அதிகரிக்கும் பெண்களின் புகைப் பழக்கம் – அதனால் ஏற்படுத்தும் பாதிப்புகள் என்ன தெரியுமா?