Girl Learning Bike Riding Doshi Risington Karapakkam

The people in the apartments houses are easily cheated by the people in the name of various things. Some house wives are more devoted and always be in the temples inside the gated apartments community. The temples are also built now a days by the constructors inside the gated apartments houses so that the devotees can spend their time in a peaceful manner in the temple. Also the weekly poojas and other ceremonies are conducted properly in the temples inside the apartments and the residents of the flats houses contribute money to conduct these functions. The villa houses and the apartments home constructors are now too careful about satisfying the needs of the residents especially in the cities.

Some fake people in the name of saints try to take advantage of the girls and house wives who are blindly following any one that emerges as a saint . These people target the apartment residents and villa house people who will be alone in their flats houses after sending the children and husband to the schools and work places respectively . The house wives alone in the flats houses are exploited by these people and will loot the properties and money they have in their possession . Doshi Risington Karapakkam

It is always advisable not to meet any strangers in the apartments houses, when the parents and elders are outside the houses. Also the working girls should not believe the words said by the strangers in the work place and act based on that . The house wives should discuss with the husband and elders in the family before taking any decisions in their life and it is a foolish thing to blindly follow the people emerging as saints out of no where suddenly. Doshi Risington Karapakkam

These so called saints have various villa homes, apartments and properties in the city of Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. Doshi Risington Karapakkam