Family Jump From Burning Building in Russia Video Goes Viral

Watch the exclusive footage of a Russian parents throwing their two young children from the fifth floor of a burning apartment building before jumping themselves in Strunino, North-West of Moscow

In Russia, a video on the incident that has been thrown out of the building to save his wife and daughter from the fire in the fire has created a stir.

A sudden fire broke out in a building in Moscow in Russia. The family stayed in the building on the 5th floor.

They are trapped in the fire and they are unwilling to come out. After that they came close to the window.

Many people who went through the fire had no choice but to burn. We have to say that we hold it.

At this stage he was standing near the window and threw his wife and daughter out. Then he jumped.

The people below the scene were laughing at them and saving them for any harm. Currently this video is spreading on Internet.

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