Face is always important to look gorgeous

Beauty Tips

The face should always appear beautiful. Agility does not reach the face of the tired face. There will be a refreshing solution to those who are hard at work. There is a link between facial and fatigue. Tired viewers can act actively by keeping the face grip. Tiredness in the face of the water usually starts with the tiredness of the face.

Those who go home and prepare for the trip are tired of the dandruff in the water and gently cleans the face when they wash well in cold water after they dry up well. Washing the dough on the face of the dandruff when the bath is washed. Wash the face with cold water and then wash the face with cold water.

If the skin is oily with the ointment, mix it with yogurt and lemon juice and mix it on the face. After a while wash it with warm water, the oil absorbs the face and it loses the face. The dough can be used to dry the drought in the skin by the heat. Along with it must be applied to the breast milk. If the dried well is washed in cold water, the face will shine brightly. If you have a little honey with lemon juice and lemon juice on your face, the facial hair removes you.

Face the thyme in the water and rub it on the face, the face will get refreshing. In the summer, you can get wet on the face to get rid of the drought in the skin. Ten minutes later, the skin gets fresh and fresh.

To protect the skin from the effects of sunlight, add rosewater, milk and mix it on the face and wash in cold water. If you have a little lemon juice, milk and turmeric powder, wash it off in warm water.

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