Anyone Spread Rumour About Plastic Rice TN Goverment Takes Tough action

The Tamil Nadu government has warned that the rumors would be taken to spread panic on the public on rice sales.

India’s sudden rumor spread throughout the plastic rice are being sold.

Originally reported, plastic rice was sold in the northern states. On Wednesday, the information spread that plastic rice was sold in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana states.

The next day (Thursday) there was a surprise that plastic rice sales were taking place in Tamil Nadu. Particularly on social networks, the scenes produced by plastic rice spread and spread panic among the people. News about plastic rice sales were also widely distributed among vats-up groups.

On Thursday afternoon, Tamil Nadu Food Minister Kamaraj interpreted this. He said, “There is no shortage of rice in Tamil Nadu. So there is no chance of entering plastic rice inside. There will be severe action if information is being sold somewhere in Tamilnadu plastic rice. ”

Even after the explanation of Minister Kamaraj, the plastic rice has not stopped. Rumors spread in plastic rice on 3rd day yesterday. Following this, food security officers were involved in the raids in Tamil Nadu.

More than 400 employees were involved in this test. The test was conducted at rice shops, rice, and rice food shops. But plastic rice is not available at any place.

At this stage, I was lodged by the Chennai Ayanavaram Government Transport Corporation at the restaurant and cooked plastic rice at the restaurant.

Food Safety Officers immediately went to the workshop and seized rice food. The food was also sent to the Kindi lab.

In the test it is strong that there is no plastic rice.

Meanwhile, Minister of Food and Agriculture Kamaraj has announced that plastic rice is not available anywhere in Tamil Nadu and that it will be taken seriously by spreading rumors on social networks.

Tamil Nadu have plastic rice. It can not enter here. Some have rumored this rumor. However, people have examined officials across Tamil Nadu for the benefit of the people.

These studies have confirmed that there is no plastic rice in Tamil Nadu.

If anyone receives information on plastic rice, they will take the most serious action. The Tamil Nadu Government will not make any compromise on this matter.

Some people share plastic rice production pictures on social networks with the intention of messing up. It is a great crime to spread rumors. They will identify who they are and take action.

Food Minister Kamaraj said.

Anyone Spread Rumour About Plastic Rice TN Goverment Takes Tough action

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